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Roy Jones Jr Financial Net Worth

Roy Jones Jr Financial Net Worth

Roy Jones Jr is one of the greatest boxers of all time. He is a future hall of famer and he’s widely considered as an all time great in boxing. Roy’s speed and reflexes have never been seen before and he won titles from Middleweight all the way up to Heavyweight. Roy then lost weight again and continued fighting at Light Heavyweight. The weight loss hurt Roy and he was brutally knocked out against Antonio Tarver. Roy Jones Jr in his prime was a site to see and leading boxing expert Dan Rafael has described Roy Jones Jr as the greatest fighter he has ever seen live.

Roy earnt huge purses during his career with his bouts on normal HBO netting him close to $10 million per bout. When he stepped up and fought on pay per view his earnings went as high as $30 million per bout. Roy earnt this sum against John Ruiz when he jumped two divisions and fought for the Heavyweight title. Roy won the heavyweight title from Ruiz in a clinical UD which was amazing to see. Roy had a couple of big money offers to face Holyfield and Tyson after this however the bouts never eventuated due to problems during negotiations.

Roy also invested heavily in the rap and music game and he lost large amounts of money in this according to several online boxing sources. Roy had an estimated net worth of $45 m in 2008, but realistically from the stories circulating it’s much less. Roy is still fighting today and most boxing experts find this depressing, since he’s fighting club fighters with more losses than wins on their records. Roy still can draw a crowd and money is a worthless commodity to such a legend. Fighters like Roy and Floyd Mayweather Jr can do public speaking and host events for the rest of their lives. Just look at Mike Tyson who went bankrupt and he’s now rich again with a net worth of $20 million and growing fast.

Roy is one of the greatest fighters of the modern era and he makes most boxing experts top 30 of all time list. Roy’s hand speed and reflexes have never been seen before. The moves he was able to pull off against elite opponents are completely unique.

Roy’s greatest performances have been arguably beating Bernard Hopkins at Middleweight and James Toney at Super Middleweight. These two victories are amazing considering the career’s that both opponents have had since. Roy’s win over Ruiz will always be remembered, however Ruiz was never the strongest or most dangerous heavyweight champion.

Roy currently earns good money as a boxing commentator for leading HBO events. Roy also has a growing boxing promotions company which has recently signed top talent across North America. Roy is also employed as a trainer and recently helped leading Light Heavyweight contender Jean Pascal.